Dog Health & Fitness Links The care of a bulldog is not that different from other breeds, but they do have some unique characteristics worthy of noting. This site mentions some of their oddities, such as the trouble their short snouts cause. The snort is adorable, but cleanliness and breathing are more important. Bulldogs are a unique dog, and as such, your veterinarian should be familiar with this dog type.  Joining a bulldog club may give you the resources needed to maintain your bulldog’s excellent health. Bulldogs have features that have been bred into them, but this purposeful genetic altering has caused health ailments. Find out how the Bulldog Club of America feels about bulldog health troubles. They are excellent companions at any rate. Breeding is an issue in cases where pure lines are too pure. Will the English Bulldog disappear? This is a fun site about bull dogs that simply gives facts about the breed. Feeding your bulldog is not a challenge, but there are some things that will help such as the type of dog. One of the great advantages of bull dogs is that they require very little grooming, but their short snouts and folds do require care.

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